Class Selling Description

An activity done by member of a group to promote group product. The activity inspired by sales strategy applied by Bill Porter, a legend of salesman who successfully became the best salesman of the year even he's handicap.

Objective :         

Perform promotion in every class during break time to promote their products.

Deadline :         

End of semester.

Submission type :         
Hard copy (Signed form)
Scoring :         
Explanation :         
Online / Q&A in class with lecturer.
Class meeting :         
Requirement :         
Company Profile, Class selling form.

Reference source :         

Class Selling form


Important Attention!

Lecturer will not responsible for the availability of the slot project.

Time management in scheduling the project fully responsible by students in order to complete the subject.

 Any lateness and disability to complete the module will be student's responsibility & consequences shall be taken as mention.

 For further information and consultation, kindly approach lecturer in charge.


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